Women and Politics

Have you ever been disturbed with the dismal representation of women in politics? Does it mean  women are politically weak to flex their political muscles in the midst of men? or, are we simply ignoring their abilities and effort? Probably yes or no….this an issue need to be discussed and watched deeply. After taking a course in women studies, i feel energized and enthusiastic about incorporating women in major sectors of the economy, which in most cases have a stronger political background. Economy and politics run hand to hand. As Economist, i would always want to see a change in representation in major sectors..lets try women, lets trust them and see the results. Hypothesis set by most men leaders have failed the test of trust and integrity. Have you ever known the percentage representation of women in the US government? You won’t believe it, Only 17 percent of Congress is currently female. And in the long history of this nation, only 2 percent of the approximately 12,000 individuals who have served in congress since 1789 have been women.

But this is contrary to one of the fastest growing economy in Africa, RWANDA. This is a country which hit the headlines, where In just three months, an estimated 800000 people were massacred in the Rwandan genocide of 1994. There was a sense of hopelesness, the future looked dark, and none could justify that there would be light at the end of the tunnel. Today 56 percent of the Rwandan parliament comprises of women, including one-third of all cabinet positions and the chief of the Supreme Court. Rwanda also just voted in their first female speaker of parliament, Dr. Rose Mukantabana. With this ratio of women representation, the economy has strongly grown, and is considered the fastest in Africa today. If women are trusted with power, surely they can move mountains.



 In Malawi, they trusted a women with the presidential docket, and now she is moving mountains..                                        


 It is however suprising that most powerful women are found in politics, so if we want a powerful nation, lets trust women with politics.



I enjoyed chapter 13 because it gave the reader a sense of what is to come for the feminist movement. It made me really proud to think that over half of college degrees go to women, such a change from the past. Of course, this happy statistic was followed by the sad truth that women are still less…

I agree with you in the part you say that there are some men also involved in championing for women rights..its true. Even though men are on the receiving end here as the subject violators, we need to recorgnize such individuals. Infact, they can bring a change in attitude of other fellow men than some women rights organizations.

Chapter 13 Reflection

The journey of Feminism has actually come from far, and seems to be going even more far. This chapter has brought to my attention, all the positive efforts women themselves have put to champion for their rights and fight for equality in a society full of inequality and chavonistic character against women. I am a man, and i have to recorgnize and appreciate these efforts even though we have been on the receiving end in the better part of this course. I have to admitt that it’s high time men need to change their conscience and view towards the women folk. Several women rights organizations have been formed to help preserve their rights. This makes me question a lot about ourselves as men. Are we such irresponsible that we must be monitered with these organization to preserve women rights? No….men, we can do better. Lets take women rights as part of us, and treat them equally the way we would do it to our fellow men.

It is however important to note that, not all men are violators of human rights, infact, I’m one of them. But it is a heavy task to change this perception which seems to be deeply rooted in some men’s mind. This chapter also focuses on the entire future of feminism. Where do we see feminism, and preservation of women rights in 20 years to come? For success to be achieved both in the short and long run, then there should be a complete change in heart to remove the perception. More resources need to be channeled towards such developments. Stronger legislation need to be put in place to ensure the set rules are followed.

It’s the last chapter in this course, and i have to say that, i have come out a totally different person than i was. My view and interraction with women in all aspects will be critical to ensure i preserve their rights, treat them with equality and respect they deserve.

Chapter 10 Reflection

I liked reading this chapter because it clearly brings into perspective the sexual violence, emotional and physical abuse which both married and unmarried women undergo. Most victims of these unethical conducts are mostly women, why? Probably because they are physically to defend themselve, or there is not much legislation put in place to curb this? Women sexual harrasment is a big issue in almost every where incluiding places of work. However, i think the way a situation is viewed to be a sexual harrasment should looked at in both ends. A good example is the part in the reading talking about marital rape. I was shocked to learn that their can exist rape between married couples. I thought that sex was a fundamental ingredient to marriage.

Western culture is quite different anyway, in my culture, we don’t have anything like this. In my opinion, rape should be considered real if it’s done forcefully by a person outside other than your partner. The Government should on the other hand put strong penalties, and enact legislations aimed at weeding out  these rapists. Certain myths which accompany rape are always ridiculus and out dated which should not even be thought about. Some people say that if a woman never cried loud to raise an alarm during the rape act, then she was not raped….no basis. My cousin was raped along the street at 7pm at gun point, how can you raise an alarm in such a situation? It is high time stronger policies be built to do away with violence against women.

Chapter 9 Reflection

Communication is a very vital tool in all manner of things we get involved in incluiding relationships. Like in relationships, it becomes a barrier when the two are far much apart to communicate face to face. In the past, we could use letters which would take so long to reach the destination. Thanks to the US Navy who claims to have invented the internet, and now people can communicate easily a cross the globe. We can skype, facebook, tweet all day long. I personally dont feel lonely with the fact that my girlfriend is in Kenya, we skype everyday, everytime as if she is sitted just infront of me…owesum. However, especially during my free time like weekend, i only realize that i have spent a whole day talking at 7pm. Thats ‘s not productive though. I found it a bit different in the US, where kids are introduced to computers so early, this has a problem. Statistics has it that video games contributes significantly to the increase in school drop outs in the US. Isn’t this because of the internet? On the other hand, i give credit to Facebook for helping two of my friends get girlfriends, and rightnow they are happily married. But its always interesting when i ask the lady how they met. There are different developmental and life saving groups which connect to needy people, and even donors through facebook. Like blood donation, kidney donation groups aimed at saving life of the sick.

In thiis chapter, i have learned how sometimes women fall prey of certain abusive circumstances through these networking avenues. But i also have to recorgnize a few instances of success like that of my two friends. Some men go to an extent of uploading good looking photos which are not theirs just to attract women. I have witnessed a rich single woman kidnapped in such a manner by a man she allegedly hooked up with in facebook, on their first meeting, she was kidnapped and ransom had to be paid for her relies. In this way, i can say facebook has contributed negatively. But, why do we develop trust very fast with our internet friends? to an extent that we can express our feelings to them? When this instinct would change, then it would be probably a better place to express our feelings to the unknown….

Chapter 9 Reflection
Chapter 8 Reflection

After reading this chapter, i have learned sexual harrasment has been used as a form of sexual discrimination against the women, and how women have tried to counter this throgh the growth of social movements aimed at eliminating sexual harrasment. Most parts of this topic has been educative, and have made me learn alot about the struggle which seems to have come along way indeed. However, in a family setting where the man and the woman stay together, there are some duties well known to be perfectly done by women. I remember one day making a meal to my girlfriend, but seemingly i never did it to her satisfaction, next time when she came back, she insisted that she is the one to cook. Look at this, i never asked her to do so, but she just find herself doing it.

I was not in agreement with that portion of the chapter terming duties performed by women in the house, as “unpaid work” These are duties for her good! washing dishes after she has used, caring of her children.. Whom do you expect to pay you? These duties are not termed as employment, hence does not warranty any payment. I grew in a family where my dad and Mum had their respective duties to perform, but in times of need they supported each other.

There is a wide wage disparity among male and female workers. My friend claims that she has same qualification and experience with a coworker in a manufactering company, but she earns less than him..why? may be they see the guy is much stronger hence can produce more. To me, this is a steriotype which should not be tolarated, there are some women who are mentally productive than the physical men, hence should be given dues commensurate with the output.

The society need to mould itself. Men and women need to open up and preach equality. In the US,there are 2,909,357 licenced regitered nurses, and only 168,181 which is 5.8 percent are men (Minoritynurse.com).Does this means men underate this lucrative position to be for women? may be…

Samantha, i didn’t like that portion of the chapter too. I mean, how much would you want to be paid for cleaning your house, utencils, and even your kids? In this case, who is your employer?

Hey!! i like your personal point of view of this contentious issue. I have worked in a few places since i came to the US 2 years back. I have noticed a lot of this wage disparity, not only in women, but also among qualified minorities…that one a side. I think with the great determination, and hardwork that women have shown, i mean, women have proved this steriotyping wrong. They are strong, determined, and productive better than most men who apparently earn more than them….Let our women be given their dues commensurate with their output.

Chapter 6 Reflection

The chapter really explains how health insurance companies are trying to justify the notion that women’s insurance is expensive. I didn’t actually knew up to when i came to the US about this. I mean, does it worth it? I think issues of nature should not form any basis in regard to the cost of insurance premiums. Insurance companies complains that women are likely to see doctors more often annually as compared to men, and that’s why they pay more than their male counterparts. Surely these companies are trying to justify that it i expensive to be a woman. But, i think to the contrary, even some expectant women have been subjected to higher charges due to their conditions.

In the reading, it was so sad. It ignited the pain i felt when my great grand mum narrated to me how they were oppressed, raped and overworked without pay. The white men would take their land, take their husbands as slaves to work for them in their farms. But thank God, they at long last achieved independence and now the current woman in Africa is enjoying the fruits of their labor. One interesting thing she told me that I’ll never forget is that, there we this group of whites from Britain who came to Kenya and took their large tracts of land in exchange with mirrors. They had not seen a mirror before, so they were given and they were able to see their images in the mirror. This showed a great instance of oppression. To the current health insurance issues, what are your comments as a woman concerning the today’s Obama-care health plan??